The city is administered by the Jodhpur Nagar Nigam headed by a Mayor. For administrative purposes, the city is divided into 65 wards, from which the members of the corporation council are elected for five years. The Municipal corporation has 65 elected members known as councillors (ward members; parshad in Hindi) representing their respective wards (65 geographical units of the city). The ward members are elected by direct voting by ward-wise electorate for a period of 5 years. In addition to these 65 directly elected members the corporation has 4 Ex-officio members (1 Member of Parliament, 3 members of legislative assembly namely Sardarpura, Soorsagar, City) and 3 Nominated Members.

For administration and development, the district is divided into ten sub-divisions and thirteen tehsils. The developmental activities of the district are being looked after by 16 Panchayat Samities. There is 466 Gram Panchayats in the District.


The system of Panchayati Raj was inaugurated on 2nd October 1959 in Nagaur district by then Prime Minister Late Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru. Late Shri Balwant Rai Mehta proposed the recommendation for Panchayati Raj. There are three levels of Panchayati Raj:

(1)  Gram Panchayat (Village level)

(2)  Panchayat Samiti (Block level)

(3)  Zila Parishad (District level)

Gram Panchayat is an important institution of self-government. The institution is set for a village or village agglomeration. A Gram Panchayat is created on 2,000-8,000 population. It covers a maximum area of 6 miles. The villages, which have a population below 2,000, are merged with the other villages to create a Gram Panchayat. Their tenure is of 5 years.

A Gram Panchayat consists 5 to 20 members. The Head of the Panchayat is called Sarpanch. Panch and Up-Sarpanchs are also elected. It includes a member belonging to the backward class and a lady member. There are 151 Gram Panchayats in the district.

The main objectives of Gram Panchayat are to arrange the primary education, sanitation of public places, drinking water, and light. It manages also the adult education, livestock, and repairing of wells.

During the last years, Gram Panchayats functioned several important jobs like Kam ke Badley Anaj, Construction of Panchayat Ghar, School buildings, roads and tanks. It organizes also the cattle fair. Gram Panchayat plays an important role in the development of village and its economy.

 Sr No




 Panchayat Samities


1 Jodhpur Jodhpur Jhanwar Mandore Jodhpur
2 Phalodi Osian     Luni Bilara
3 Shergarh Phalodi   Osian   Phalodi
4 Osian   Bilara   Bap Pipar City
5 Pipar City   Bhopalgarh     Phalodi  
6 Bilara Shergarh     Shergarh  
7 Bhopalgarh Luni   Balesar  
8  Bap   Pipar City   Bhopalgarh  
9 Luni Baori   Bilara  
10 Balesar Balesar   Baori  
11 Bawari Bap   Lohawat  
12   Lohawat     Dechu  
13   Tinwari   Shekhala  
14       Bapini  
15       Pipar City    
16       Tinwari